This movie would have changed my childhood. I liked your work very much, I found it very poetic and captivating and with a very beautiful aesthetic. I really fell in love with the movie. Thank you for making such a movie.

Camila Franco

FAAP Student

“Story Before a Story” is more than a beautiful animated film. (…) A source of inspiration, about the true sense of the art of animation.

Journal of the European Children’s Film Association

For those who do not know, nor did see, “Story Before a Story” is a delightful and rare film.

Delightful, from the beginning to the end, similar to a delicious delicacy, which is enjoyed with pleasure, savoring its different and surprising condiments without ever giving any concession to the vulgar taste will disturb its elegant appearance.

Rare because, to this day, the five fingers of a hand come to tell the authors who dare to draw the trait a whole feature. I dedicate my thumb to tell “My neighbors, The Yamadas” of Isao Takahata, and my index finger to tell the “Story Before a Story”, by Wilson Lazaretti. As for my other three fingers, they are, for the moment, waiting, because they have nothing else to tell. As the narrator’s voice says in the film, “cheering on a horse is not something for beginners”.

What about the difficulty of telling the story that lies before a story? Nothing, because the film of Wilson Lazaretti runs and undulates like a serene wind on a field, discovering successively its audacious qualities.

The first, and among them, certainly the most original, is the subject of the film; the movement, which once apprehended, becomes animation.

The second is the way of saying it, of telling it. The text of the film is really wonderful, witty (something very rare in the house of animation) and open on different levels of reading. I must also vigorously emphasize that no one has ever spoken so well, so plainly, so simply, of the movement, and consequently of the illusion of movement, and of what goes on at the source of a story for one hour, seventeen minutes and thirty-two seconds, like Wilson Lazaretti.

The third is cultural. “Story Before a Story” is replete with visual, literary and musical quotations not only timely as well as intelligent, fair and pertinent, never heavy and never boring.

The fourth quality lies in the aerial and luminous aspect of the film’s image and in the always graceful, almost semiotic movement of the characters’ gestures.

José-Manuel Xavier

Artistic Director of the Digital Games and Digital Interactive Media Master of CNAM – ENJMIN – Angoulême/France

The film has a childlike appearance, but the content of it is quite complex. It’s very interesting because it talks about how to animate drawings, what do you have to have in one story before another story? He also has a character named Mister K. He creates cartoons as if he were creating the world.

Anna Carolina

Student of the Zoraide Kaysel State School of Sumaré-SP